Web Programming & Web Applications

The current trend for online services means that more and more sites are being developed with advanced features such as user registration and members only features. Also lots more people are looking to start purely internet based businesses, many of which require additional web programming and database integration (for example online property searches).

Added Interactivity
Web based programming is used in a number of areas to enhance the online experience. From the collection of e-mail addresses and user data to password protection and referral systems, virtually any site offering more than basic information relies on server or client programming. Triple Web Media offer you web based programming techniques to ensure your site functions correctly and efficiently.

It is becoming quite commonplace to find web sites that rely on a behind the scenes SQL database to handle content and user data.

A Complete Solution
To allow our clients to use the latest technology in their web sites, all our hosting packages include full programming and online database capability via PHP / MySQL.

If your site currently hosted with another service provider there are also many other ways in which we may integrate database content.

Why PHP ?
In most cases we generally recommend that a site be created using PHP as opposed to ASP as PHP has proven in our experience to be a more flexible and stable development platform. The development costs for PHP sites are often less because most functionality is built in to the PHP language, reducing the need to purchase third party components to carry out specific tasks.

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